The "Shooting Star" hydrangea is a "Lace Cap" type and a beautiful addition to the garden. I got it last year at the grocery store and was told that is was a "one season" plant. Well, it is blooming beautifully this year and I brought in this cutting to let Cheryl share it.


The Mountain, Mt. Rainier or Tahoma, dominates the area of the Great Northwest around Seattle. It seems to cradle the city and the surrounding communities like an ancient Guardian

There are many things to see on the Mountain. The real life Mt. Rainier/Tahoma is alive with animals, birds and the streams that come from over twenty glaciers. Our Cyber version of the Mountain holds mysteries, caves and trees, entries to fictional worlds and the artists who gave them life, galleries of Cyberartwork, true stories and fanciful tales. Feline companions, present and lovingly remembered play here, too.

Lorraine Covenant's stone circle waits for our sisters and brothers in a grove of tall firs and cedars. The Mountain is eclectic. So am I and so, oh, visitor, is this web site. Wander around, enjoy the many faces of the Mountain and remember, feedback is the only payment web authors and artists get. I love it. Please send it.


For information on all things Adrian, go to the Watchfire Annexx, an "Unofficial" Adrian Paul-Tracker/Highlander Page. Adrian's talents have been on display in Highlander, Tracker and a collection of films, stage and TV shows that display his versatility.

Links from the Watchfire Annexx will take you to a filmography, info on AP's new films and episode guides for Tracker and Highlander.

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